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In 1991, my life needed a massive rewrite. Hungry for inspiration, I left my job in New York City and moved sight unseen to Aspen, Colorado. It was late January, the worst time to drive across the United States and move to a ski town. I didn’t have a job, a place to live, or much money. I had never been west of Pennsylvania. Still, not taking action to change my life would come with consequences. If it didn’t work out, worst-case scenario, I’d drive back east armed with great stories. 

As I neared Aspen, the sun was setting. Surrounded by massive snowcapped peaks, the sky exploded with color-- this was the kind of brilliance I needed.  

Mountain life made me curious. Immersed in a community of people with an intoxicating passion for adventure, I listened to volumes of stories, and each left an imprint. I learned first-hand how stories open doors to a new world of ideas, shift perspectives, and provide a chance to connect with a person. Stories help us to develop empathy. For me, telling stories was not a strategic side-hustle; it was essential.

Starting as a freelance writer for national and local publications, I found, through public relations, stories could scale and have a broader impact. I started coaching and counseling leaders, athletes, and brands on the art of crafting their stories, as well as delivering their messages to media. 

For 15 years, I led Forté PR, a public relations agency where I worked with national and local brands in the health and active lifestyle space. Yet my agency’s traditional “done-for-you” PR service model is not a sensible investment for everyone. I realized many inspiring stories were being left untold. 

Today, my goal is to empower change-makers, people and non-profits who are fueled by a passion to create a better world, to craft and share their stories.

And to share stories and lessons from my own life that can help others, and hopefully a few laugh. 

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